Storytime Basics Workshop

Learning the basics of is essential for everyone who runs storytimes and circletimes. The following resources should help you design and run a similar workshop that meets the needs of early childhood educators in your communities.







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Felt Board Story Make & Take Workshop

We know how felt stories make storytimes visually appealing and we know they capture children’s attention and help them focus. Many people are not that comfortable with picking stories that would make good felt stories and they might not know how to make them. This workshop takes the guesswork out of felt story making and provides early childhood educators with a great story, a great pattern, some accompanying rhymes and songs as well as the materials to make their own felt story.  Also, during the time they spend making the felt story, you will often hear the educators swapping stories, tips and supporting each other in their important work with children.



One Story, Many Ways Storytime Workshop

This storytime workshop builds on the idea of repetition as a strategy to support learning. The workshop offers early childhood educators ideas for repeating stories in different ways, either in the same storytime program, or over the course of a few days or weeks. Using simple and inexpensive materials and easy adaptations, kids can help retell stories, learning language and have fun! ClipClopOneStoryManyWaysTips

Also, a GREAT resource for learning more about this strategy is Transforming Preschool Storytime by Dr. Betsy Diamant-Cohen.

New Picture Books, Songs & Rhymes for Storytime Workshop

This workshop works on the principle that children’s librarians get to see great picture books for storytime when they “hot off the press”. Our Early Childhood Education friends don’t have such luxury so this workshop is meant to introduce them to new books that are recommended for early childhood programs. This is an easy workshop to plan, prepare and run, all you need are your new faves, and some great rhymes, songs, games or activities to pair with them. Get your early childhood educators excited about coming to the library for this great workshop! Check out the resources below to get your own workshop plan started.